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Five Ways to Bring the Mind, Body & Spirit Together



Mind and body are easily defined, but what is the “spirit” of you? The spirit, or soul, can be considered the part of you that is spiritually passionate. What makes you passionate? Here are a few ideas that can help you decide:

  1. Look forward to something that you can anticipate.
  2. Create a happy place where you can go when you meditate.
  3. Reminisce about your successes.
  4. Find something that relieves your stress and do it.
  5. Explore your future goals – not money related.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the concept of bring nature and natural patterns and surroundings into our homes and everyday lives.  This will bring harmony and peaceful alignment with the world.

Feng Shui brings together all of the elements. Fire, earth, air, and water, and the additional “metal”, are represented inside the home by the selection of lighting, scents, sounds, and the placement of furniture and fixtures.

The underlying concept is that the qi, or life force, must be able to move freely in a room.  Therefore, the location of furniture, for example, is important.


Chiropractics is an alternative medicinal practice that is now considered conventional. The main theory behind chiropractics is that the vertebrate of the spine is not in alignment. It is believed that this misalignment causes many diseases and disorders throughout the body.

Chiropractors use pressure to realign and adjust the spine. Most chiropractors also look at the whole picture – stress, lifestyle choices, and overall health – when recommending treatment.

Chiropractors have been known to heal a wide range of medical problems through their work on patient’s backs. Asthma, migraines, arthritis and more issues can all be positively impacted.

This treatment is safe and usually inexpensive. It is non-evasive. Going to a chiropractor will certainly require regular visits because your issues will not be fully treated in just one session.


Biofeedback is a tool used to gauge internal function, then determine treatment, and then gauge if treatment is working properly. Similar to a thermometer or scale to measure the body weight or if there is a fever, biofeedback is garnered through tools.

The body function that it is measuring is activity that one cannot voluntarily control, such as blood pressure and brain wavelengths.

The main recommendation in alternative health for biofeedback is usually relaxation. This reduces the heart rate, calms the brain, and greatly impacts the affected parts of the body.


The Kama-Sutra is ancient text about sexual health that was written sometime between the 1st and 6th century in India.  There are 35 chapters that cover everything from how to find a wife, to how to perform in bed, to how to make yourself attractive to others.

Sections of the book cover the relationship between diet and sexual wellbeing. Wholesome, nutritious foods are specifically referenced. Histamines are recommended, through food, for increased sexual pleasure.

Breathing techniques are stressed. This helps ease stress and improves overall sexual health.

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