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Alternative Medicine Treatment Options – Part 4

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro Linguistic Programming can be considered the power of positive thought and prayer. It is well documented throughout science and medicine that having a positive attitude, outlook, and having a positive support system surround you is one of the most effective alternative medicines available.

NLP is a method of programming your thoughts in order to be positive. This technique focuses on your sub-conscious and your dreams.  It is imperative to truly believe that you can heal yourself for NLP to work.

How do you practice NLP? First, take a strategy that you know creates success in other areas of your life, and apply it to your healing process. You absolutely must have faith in your body’s healing ability for this to work.

Muscular and Skeletal Alternative Medicine

There are numerous other alternative treatments for the skeletal and muscular systems of the body. They include:

  1. Kinesiology: Professionals test the various muscles throughout the body to determine areas that are not balanced properly, and then restore balance by using a variety of techniques.
  1. Rolfing: Rolfing is the use of pressure to massage the connective tissue within the body.  This allows for the body to be more flexible and be aligned properly. Rolfing will provide more energy and less anxiety.
  1. Massage Therapy: Massage therapy is used to break up the knotted muscles, and to retrain the muscles. It works the ligaments, tendons, and soft tissue muscles. Massage therapy increases circulation and improves breathing.
  1. Color therapy: Color therapy uses color and light to treat ailments. Often considered a complementary treatment, color therapy is used in addition to other treatment. There are seven colors that correspond to the wavelength centers of the body. Each color is matched with a region of the body.
  1. Magnetic energy: The use of magnetic energy fields to, as magnetic therapists believe, to manipulate cells with magnetic energy. They also believe they can recharge cells. Magnetic energy can also increase blood flow that will then reduce scars on organs, provide migraine relief, and other reoccurring pain.
  1. Craniosacral therapy (CST): The craniosacral system is the membranes and fluid that envelopes the brain and spinal cord. By applying gentle pressure to the head, the rhythm of the cranioscaral system can be evaluated and in some ways manipulated. This improves the flow and function of the central nervous system. This treatment is used in alternative medicine as a preventative measure. Professional craniosacral therapy practitioners believe they can locate and release energy cysts by unblocking them and realigning the neck.


acupuncture pointsIn acupuncture, thin needles are inserted into the skin to draw nerve stimulation at pinpointed locations around the body. Acupuncture is a Chinese medical procedure that involves Dao – the advocate for living in balance and moderation, with ying and yang – two life elements that are apposing forces that when balanced brings good health and happiness. Acupuncture brings relief of pain, aids respiratory illnesses, and relieves headaches and ulcers, among other physical issues. It also balances the qi life force.


Reiki is the practice of transferring healing energy from the healer’s hands to the ill person. This can be done hands-on and from a distance. The healer is believed to be full of universal energy.  It is thought that the practitioner can use Reiki energy to alter the frequency of the aura.  Healing is achieved first physically, then emotionally, and finally spiritually.

Crystals: A Tool for Healing

Crystals have long been associated with alternative healing. A crystal is created when crystalline is formed by minerals being arranged in a precise pattern. Quartz is the most popular crystal. The belief behind the use of crystals is that blocked energy will be released when the crystal is placed at specific points around the body.

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