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Introduction to Men’s Grooming

This guide is designed to keep the necessary information to a complete and well groomed man. It contains everything a man need to graduate from “looking fine” to “looking sharp and confident”.

“You are a male by birth, but you are a gentleman by choice”

The importance of grooming for a Man

Keeping up appearances is as important for a man as for a woman. It is a popular myth that good grooming only requires the basics: a barber cut, a shave and clean clothes. Unfortunately, those men that ignore style and grooming don’t realize they are giving the wrong impression, or worse, no impression at all.

truman-vestige-products-indiaSo start by putting some effort into a grooming routine, and when this effort is made it pays in both professional and social life. People equate appositive image with positive traits, such as integrity, honesty, and reliability. Not to mention, when an effort is made into one’s appearance it gives confidence. Confidence shows in body language, which shows the person has self-respect, which gains the respect of others.

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