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I did Millionaire Mind Intensive 2016 in Chennai, soon to Banglore

Millionaire Mind Intensive Chennai, Banglore free Coupon Ticket workshopIt has been greater experience to attend the Millionaire Mind Intensive 2016 at Chennai Trade Center, soon to Banglore. This event is organized second time in Chennai.

I’ve participated with my family and friends. We learned lot of things, especially in the area of Finance and Wealth. It is not only the wealth creating program, but also it is kind of psychology program too.

Millionaire Mind Intensive Chennai, Banglore free Coupon TicketThe term of workshop organized, the way of they conduct are awesome. Very practical and thinking oriented workshop.

Anyway, I went to this program for only one reason which I have to create multiple stream of income and also streamlining my exist businesses.

Yah! It has truly achieved. I got many more ideas & self corrections. We’re learnt wealth principles to lead our life toward Financial Freedom.

Also, below few things we understood there are,


Winning the money game:

The 1# reason most people don’t care what do you want is because they don’t know what they want.

Clarity leads to power.

Power is the ability to do or act.

The essence of winning the money game is Choice .

Choice come from financial freedom.

Financial freedom is the ability to live the lifestyle you desire without having to work or rely on anyone else for money.

My best quote and greater understanding is from the MMI 2016 are

You can be Right, or you can be Rich,
You can be Right, or you can be Happy

Thanks to Success Gyan to bring up these kind of programs to Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We (SME Owners) are really lucky, I feel happy!

Millionaire Mind Intensive Chennai, Banglore

The Millionaire Mind Intensive workshop going to happen in Banglore on 13-15th May 2016, If you got a chance never miss the opportunity for greater financial success!

Have a Millionaire Mind,
Positive PERUMAL

Meaningful Intensive workshop for Millionaire Minds in Banglore for 2016

Most people NEVER become financially SUCCESSFUL and go through LIFE never knowing WHY

Find the Secrets of Money…

People all over the world and from all walks of life have experienced changes in their financial lives by applying these systems.

  • Create financial freedom by calculating your freedom number and then create a plan to to start achieving it.
  • Apply the money rules the rich and successful people use to accelerate your wealth.
  • Identify your unconscious conditioning about money.
  • Understand how – and why – people are programmed for success, mediocrity, or failure.
  • Reset your “financial thermostat” to a higher level of wealth and achievement.
  • Win the “money game” and get on the path to financial freedom.
  • Master the world’s easiest and most effective money management system.
  • Master money and relationships with spouses, business associates and kids.


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