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Alternative Medicine & Its History – Part 3

Ancient Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) includes acupuncture, Qigong, herbal treatments, deep massage, and more. More than 25% of the world’s population practices TCM.

Several reputable groups, such as the World Health Organization and the National Institute of Health, find traditional Chinese medicine to be a viable alternative to contemporary medicine.

Many parts of TCM began well over 3,000 years ago in China. The focus of TCM is Qi (pronounced “Chee”), which is the body’s energy that connects it to the world around us. It is believed that all disorders and bodily problems are caused by the misalignment of Qi. Acupuncture is one of the most widely recognized methods of bringing the Qi into alignment.

Herbal remedies are popular in traditional Chinese medicine. They are used to relax and calm the patient’s emotions to avoid depression, and provide a more positive outlook on the illness. This helps tremendously in the healing process. Ginseng and herbal green tea are the most popular herbal remedies in China.

Exercise, mainly Qigong (pronounce “Chee Kung”), is also an important part of traditional Chinese medicine. Qigong involves posture, meditation, and slow, calculated body movements.

Tibetan Medicine

Tibetan Medicine is almost solely based on herbal remedies, and has been around for over 2,500 years. It is called “gSoba Rig-pa”. Tibetans mostly live in India because they have been in exile since the late 1950’s.  They practice Tibetan Buddhism.

There is a Tibetan Medical Institute in Northern India, where doctors studying Tibetan medicine attend for 7 years before earning a degree.

The underlying belief in Tibetan medicine is that all illnesses are caused by poisonous thinking which include dread, denial, and want. This concept ties to the principles of Buddhist philosophy.

The three poisonous thoughts are believed to be caused by poor diet, inappropriate behavior, and the imbalance of time and season. This concept is more complicated than this, but this simplification will give a general sense of it.

Cures are linked to all systems of the body working together. The elimination of sweat, feces and urine contributes to this harmony.

Similar to the Chinese “Qi”, the Tibetans have the Rlung, which is the overall life force that connects us to the universe. Rlung has five types:

  1. Centered in the brain. Life grasping – controls breathing, intellect, sneezing and swallowing.
  2. Centered in the chest. Upward moving – controls verbal ability and stamina.
  3. Centered in the heart. All pervading – controls all movement like that of the orifices of the body and walking.
  4. Centered in the stomach. Fire accompanying – controls digestion and metabolism.
  5. Centered in the rectum. Downward cleansing – controls everything that is expelled from the body, such as babies, menstrual blood or semen.

Tibetan medicine usually handles sickness diagnosis by analysis of the tongue and urine. The spiritual element is also at play in Tibetan medicine, with much attention spent focusing on the type and temperament of spirits in the body.

American Indian Medicine (aka Native American Medicine)

North American Indian tribes have been practicing medicine for what some claim to be over 40,000 years.  The medical information and techniques are handed down from generation to generation; ensure the longevity of the practice.

Some remedies are tribe-specific, although all tribal medicine is called Native American Medicine, collectively. Native Americans believe that man is one with nature and that the elements provide strength and can cure disease.

It is fascinating to note that at the same time that Native American medicine was being practiced in North America, Traditional Chinese Medicine was being practiced a half a world away. Ayurveda (medicine practiced in India), was also practiced at this time, and will be covered next.

All of these traditional medical practices are based on the same fundamental belief that a person’s lifestyle and environment should be taken into consideration before choosing a treatment path. There are subtle differences between the practices that are specific to the region.

Native American medicine recognizes a purification procedure involving herbal smoke before and after treatment. Treatments include the use of sage and cedar smoke to repel negative energy. Negative energy is considered the pain released by someone who is ill, or the pain that the healer takes on themselves from their patients. Therapeutic touch is used. Singing, chanting, drums and rattles accompany the healing during the session.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine is practiced in India, and focuses on natural healing. Practitioners believe that it is important for the body to be balanced, and all medicines are based on vegetables and minerals, with the active ingredients from plant alkaloids.

In Ayurvedic Medicine there is the belief that there are three elements in the body, called Kapha, Pitta, and Vata, that cause disease.

  1. Kapha: This energy is caused by the lack of stabilizing the balance in the body.  These are commonly called viruses by Westerners.
  2. Pitta: This energy supports vision, temperature, hunger, thirst, intelligence, and happiness. When out of alignment, the outcomes include weight fluctuation, dehydration, depression, digestive issues, and apathy.
  3. Vata: This energy keeps the overall balance between the earth, sky and world around us in check with ourselves. If it falls out of balance, sickness is invited in.

Disease is called Vyaadhi, and it is treated by focusing on the imbalance of elements.

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Vestige Navaratna 9 Sparkling Years

The Concept of Navaratna

  • kingNavaratna- A sanskrit word meaning ‘nine gems’
  • A sacred symbol of royalty and prosperity in all countries of Asia.
  • According to Vedic astrology, the Navaratnas bring good health, prosperity, happiness and peace of mind.
  • The 9 gems that form the combination are Ruby, Pearl, Coral, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Hessonite and Cat’s Eye.

The 9 Ratnas

  • navarathanasMany groups of people as well as organizations have been given the name Navaratna to denote their significance and influence. For example-
  • The group of extraordinary men in the court of King Vikramaditya including the famous poet Kalidasa.
  • The group of artists and intellectuals in Mughal ruler Akbar’s court including Birbal and Tansen
  • The title given to 9 PSE (Public Sector Enterprises) by the Government of India including BHEL, MTNL, BPCL etc.

leafhandSince its inception in 2004, Vestige has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, its a pillar of boundless strength, prosperity, trust and success. As Vestige celebrates 9 glorious years of its existence, lets take a look at the 9 gems that form its core and make it the outstanding champion it is today.

The 9 Ratnas of Vestige

  1. The Vestige Team
  2. The Marketing Plan
  3. The Products
  4. The Education System
  5. The Recognition System
  6. The Distribution Network
  7. The Manufacturing Unit
  8. The Leading Lights
  9. The Wellth

1. The Vestige Team – Sparkling like the Sun

A dedicated team of 250 professionals working round the clock to provide our customers with the best possible services.
Led by the pioneers of Direct Selling in India,
Mr. Kanwar Bir Singh | Mr. Gautam Bali | Mr. Deepak Sood

2. The Marketing Plan – Unmatchable Strength

World class Business plan that gives:
Stability + Low/No Financial Risk
High returns + Great Incentives
Car Fund
House Fund
Travel Fund
The only marketing plan where you never drop from the level of achievement and keep on achieving higher levels

3. The Products – Shining with purity

42 products across 5 categories – Health Care, Personal Care, Oral Care, Health Food, Agri
Wide Range of Products that everyone’s needs.
Vestige Health Care Products
  • Affordable, innovative, natural & highly effective
  • Reflecting the best global standards
  • Deliver beyond expectations
  • ‘Halal’ certified and adhering to FDA standards
  • With a legion of devoted consumers

4. The Education System – Ever Evolving

More than thousands of training seminars held every year to:
  • Enlighten and Enrich the distributors
  • To guide them on the road to success
  • To help them achieve their dreams
  • To equip them in every way to be a Winner


Vestige Initiative Program: To educate the new distributors on how to build their business professionally. To train them and educate them about effective marketing, team work, leadership and the do’s and don’ts to become successful at Vestige.


Vestige Leadership Conclave: To transform the Directors and above into effective leaders, enhancing their vision, thought process, communication to lead their teams effectively and productively. To motivate them and increase their knowledge.

Assure Training

Assure Training: To explain the benefits and usage of Assure products. To teach them demonstration techniques and give them selling tips.


Cellular Nourishment Therapy: An in-depth training of Vestige’s product range and its marketing plan. It’s a perfect platform for existing Vestige distributors and new prospects to learn the secrets health and wealth from the leaders of multi-level marketing.

Extensive Training & Communication Tools

5. Recognition System – Honouring Perfection

Vestige believes in recognizing and rewarding the sincere efforts of our distributors to enthuse motivation and induce passion.

Award Functions

Recognition Events are organized throughout the year to felicitate and reward the dedication and unconditional support of the Vestige leaders, towards the company and their business.

Foreign Trips

Trips are regularly organized for our top achievers to exotic locations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Bangkok, Dubai etc. These foreign trips serve as a great opportunity for distributors to align with company objectives. They expose them to different cultures, work ethics and expand their horizons.


Meet the Millionaire: A special seminar where the top leaders of Vestige motivate the existing distributors and new prospects by telling them about their journey in Vestige. They give them useful advice and tips on growing and maintaining their business.

6. The Distribution Network – Boundless Reach

The support of our distributors and the dedication of our team has helped us grow tremendously over the years. When we started in 2004, we were present at only two locations in New Delhi & Bengaluru but today, we have a wide and extensive distribution network all over India with
  • 40 branch offices
  • 2500+ DCCs (Distributor Consulting Centers)
  • 40 DLCPs (District Level Contact Points)

Spreading the magic in 3 countries

  • India, Nepal and Dubai
  • Aiming to expand to 20 countries by 2018

7. The Manufacturing Unit – Making Miracles

  • A 75,000 sq.feet dedicated manufacturing unit at Baddi, H.P, India
  • State-of-the-art equipment and streamlined processes that comply with the highest global quality standards
  • An in-house Research & Development lab for innovative product development
  • A Quality control department to maintain international level quality standards
  • Manufacturing Facility ‘GMP’ & ISO 9001-2008 certified

8. Leading Lights – Flawless Leaders

The Vestige success story is incomplete without the efforts of the Vestige leaders. They are a vivid testimony to the magic of Wellth.

Our Leaders:

  • Signify the true spirit of Vestige
  • Are critical to the momentum and growth of Vestige
  • Are responsible for promoting the system and motivating their marketing associates to achieve greater milestones
  • As role models, lead the way and inspire all Vestigians to reach higher levels of success

9. Wellth – The Eternal Truth

Vestige provides its distributors the unique promise of Wellth
V + V = W
Vestige + Values = Wellth
Wellth = Wealth through Wellness
  • We help people live a life of economic independence
  • We help them grow as an individual and be successful in every sphere of life
  • We help them achieve wealth, respect and physical well being
  • Every Vestigian is a gem in their own right,
  • Sparkling, shining, glowing and dazzling like millions of stars in a cloudless sky,
  • Each one brimming with infinite passion and energy,
  • Moving together on the path to glory.