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Using Alternative Medicine in Children

Sometimes conventional treatments are not an option for children. One example of when alternative medicines are a viable option for children is when they refuse to take their over-the-counter medication. They might be more willing to take an herbal remedy because it is something different.

children-mainConsider discussing with your conventional doctor these supplementary treatments for children:

  • Acupuncture: The needles release endorphins to the brain which can help kids with asthma, and reduce other pains.
  • Hypnosis: This technique might give a child more discipline regarding the regular administration of their conventional medication.
  • Relaxation techniques and massage: This can help kids with asthma deal with constricting airways. Massage can help relax the stress surround asthma as well. Breathing techniques can help kids feel in control of their breathing. Kids with more serious diseases such as diabetes and cancer can use the relaxing benefits of massage to relieve stress and help maintain a positive outlook.

Always do plenty of research and consult with your child’s doctor before beginning any alternative medical techniques.

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