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Nutritional Supplements & Good Health

To overcome the deficiency in one’s diet, intake of nutritional supplements is safe across all age groups and is beneficial to each in the following ways:

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  1. Children: They require essential nutrients for their growth and development. Nutritional supplements help in improving memory as children have to study for long hours and also play a lot outdoors. Nutritional Supplements build immunity and provide essential nutrients for their healthy growth and development.
  2. Youth: They require energy and strength to cope with the high stress levels. Nutritional supplements help them combat physical, mental and emotional changes that they go through.
  3. Working class: Busy schedules, work and family obligations, stress and competition keep them on their toes all the while and exhaust the body’s ability to lead a normal healthy life. Nutritional supplements help them beat stress and be healthy.
  4. Middle Age: With age, the body’s level of energy to carry out day-to-day activities starts to decline, coupled with sedentary lifestyle it becomes even more essential for one to get a daily dose of supplements to revitalize the body. Nutritional supplements make up for the lack of essential vitamins and minerals.
  5. Old Age: As one reaches a mature age, the body’s systems especially the digestive system becomes sluggish. Also a number of nutrients get depleted, hence making one dependent on other for simple tasks. Nutritional supplements help the body regain its vigour and induce independence to lead a health life.
  6. Pregnant and lactating women: Pregnant as well lactating women need an extra supply of nutrients to provide both for themselves and their young ones. Nutritional supplements during these times are a must since the body’s need for calcium; vitamins, iron etc. is on the rise.

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