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Need for Good Health

The human body works as a machine and needs a constant supply of nutrients to carry out its day-to-day activities. If the body’s engine does not get enough nutrition then it is bound to be sluggish and low on energy, thereby leading to improper functioning then it is bound to be sluggish and low on energy, thereby leading to improper functioning of the body.

A body, therefore, tends to under-perform due to the following reasons:

  1. Vestige Herbal Health Care ProductsLifestyle disorders: With an increase in the number of comforts being offered to mankind, a lot of people have fallen prey to sedentarylifestyles. It is because of this lifestyle that they tend to ignore their health, which leads to under nourishment even though they think they are eating well. They skip on the essential nutrients while consuming all the wrong ones.
  2. Food choices: The human tongue is spoils by taste rather than what is good for the body. So we eat what tastes good but might not essentially be nutritious, which eventually leads to nutritional imbalance.
  3. Low consumption of fruits and vegetables: Fruits and Vegetables provide the body with fiber along with other essential vitamins and minerals. They aid in proper digestion and are good for improving overall health. But people tend to ignore these benefits and do not consume even the minimum amount of servings of fruits and vegetables required by the body.
  4. Busy schedules: As more and more people get busy with their work and have hectic schedules to follow, their health takes a backseat. They eat whatever they get and whenever they are able to. It leads to a huge deficiency of nutrients in the body.
  5. Following fad diets: A lot of people blindly follow diets that they think would make them lose weight but in turn deprive the body of nutrients required to be healthy. One should try and strike a balance between eating the right food and exercise.

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