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Vestige Truman Products

An exclusive privilege for men

vestige-truman-logo-productsTruman is a comprehensive premium and exclusive rage of Men’s grooming products for skin, hair and personal care. It celebrates the best in true manhood – that is also where its name comes from. Truman is a tribute to noble masculinity, but rendered in a modern context. Truman is proudly masculine, tough and yet suave; sexy as well as chivalrous. And most importantly, always well grooming from head to toe.

The Truman crest denotes royalty

Truman’s identity is a unique blend of nobility, tough masculinity, timeless elegance and modernity.

Truman is the ultimate symbol of the well-grooming man, one of the keys to success in life.

“No man who wants to succeed can do without Truman”

leading-men-as-james-bond-007James Bond is a universal icon of all the characteristics of brand Truman and therefore an ideal personification of Truman. James Bond has been around for more than 50 years, and has been played by several actors on the big screen, but while the actors may have faded, the character of 007 (or James Bond) has always remained fresh and contemporary, the latest being Daniel Craig.

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